Our cooperation with the Swiss Embassy and Consulates in China is coming to an end. 

Since the 1st of September TLScontact is no longer accepting visa applications on behalf of the Swiss missions in China. 

Applicants whose applications are currently processed by the Swiss missions can retrieve their passports from TLScontact until the 14th of September. Please follow the status of your application closely. 

Passports that have not been picked up until the 14th of September will be returned to the Swiss Embassy or Consulate. 

The website and locations of the new service provider for visa applications are published through the website of the Embassy of Switzerland.

Frequently asked questions

In this page, you could find answers of some frequent asked questions regarding general Schengen visa rules, application process and detail requirement of documents. Please click on the questions you want to ask or type “Ctrl+F” and type in the key word of your questions, you will be suggested with relevant answers.

If you still have other questions you can contact us.

1. Schengen visa information

1.1. Schengen Area

1.2. European Union

1.3. Visa obligation

1.4. Schengen, national visa and airport transit visa differences

1.5. How to read the visa sticker

2. Application procedure

2.1. Place of application submission

2.2. Time of application submission

2.3. How to book an appointment on TLScontact website?

2.4. Application submission through a representative

2.5. Visa section’s request of additional documents or information

2.6. Special requirements for minor applicants

2.7. Passport collection

2.8. Processing time

2.9. Postal application submission

3. Visa document requirement

3.1. Passport

3.2. Photo

3.3. Travel health insurance

3.4. Bank statement

4. Biometric data capture

4.1. Personal biometric data capture in the visa application center

4.2. New visa application

4.3. How to assess if your fingerprint scans have already been provided

4.4. Biometric data capture exemptions

4.5. Copy of fingerprint scan from a previous UK/US/national visa