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Application Information

Visa Application Fees

For all applications, you must pay the application fee and the service fee, adjustable in the TLScontact centre in cash, debit card or credit card.

The application fee is collected on behalf of the Swiss General Consulate in United Kingdom and the service fee is collected for the TLScontact procedure.

Visa Application Fees

To apply for a visa, you will have to pay:

  • Visa fee - collected for the of the Consular Authority for the application processing;
  • Service fee - collected for the processing of your visa application at TLScontact;
  • Added Value Service Fees - optional Added Value Services you have used during application process. For more information please check added value service page.

Attention: Payment of the visa fee and the service fees do not give any guarantee or right that a visa will be granted. The visa fee and services fees are both non-refundable and non-transferable if the visa application is denied by the Embassy staff or if the applicant decides to terminate his or her application.

Attention: Increased visa fees for short-stay Schengen visa starting from February 2nd 2020, following the revision of the Schengen Visa Code, implemented for all Schengen States.

Visa Types GBP*
Short-stay Schengen visa 72.00
Short-stay Schengen visa for children aged between 6 and under 12 36.00
Short-stay Schengen visa for:
  • Nationals from Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Short-stay Schengen visa for children aged under 6 Free
Short-stay Schengen visa for:
  • Diplomats and persons who travel on official business for their country as well as the spouses and children of the persons concerned**

Exemption of visa fees:

  • Pupils, students, graduates and accompanying teachers who are travelling for educational purposes;
  • Researchers from third countries travelling within the EU for the purpose of carrying out scientific research as defined in the Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2005/761/EC of 28 September 2005 to facilitate the issue by the Member States of uniform short-stay visas for researchers from third countries travelling within the Community for the purpose of carrying out scientific research.

Please note that satisfactory proof must be submitted to establish that one of the above exemptions applies.


  • The visa fee is only collectible in GBP, and may change as a result of currency fluctuation.
  • Please note that satisfactory proof must be submitted to establish that the exemption applies.

Service Fees

The Service Fees of Visa Application Centre - GBP 28.00 are to be paid for any visa application.

The service fee corresponds to the different services provided by TLScontact Visa Acceptance Centre:

  • Appointment booking;
  • Welcome;
  • Visa application reception;
  • Information collection;
  • Data processing;
  • Transfer to the Embassy of Switzerland in London;
  • Reception and sorting of passports;
  • Online application tracking process;
  • Hotline, online messages or email enquires of applicants by Call Centre.

Payment modes

  • Debit card;
  • Credit card (American Express is not accepted).