Service Standard

The TLScontact procedure is not compulsory, applicants can also go directly to the Embassy of Switzerland in London to submit their applications with prior appointment through TLScontact call Centre.

Processing time

Once visa applications have been transferred to the Embassy, the processing time will vary according to the visa type

Visa Type

Processing Time

Short Stay

Once a Swiss representation has considered a Schengen visa application to be admissible, the application will, as a rule, be processed and a decision taken within fifteen days. Applications are considered to be admissible if the representation has received the applicant’s passport, photo, and identity documents, and if the applicant has been fingerprinted and the visa fee been paid. Under certain circumstances, the period for processing an application may be extended by 30 to 60 days.

Long Stay

Dealing with applications for a national (Type D) visa falls under cantonal jurisdiction. Stays subject to Type D visa requirements must be previously authorized by the competent authorities. The time cantonal authorities need to process an application may vary according to canton and purpose of stay. For detailed information, please turn to the competent cantonal migration authorities: 
Cantonal immigration and labour market authorities.


Applicants may submit visa applications no more than 90 days before planned departure date.