Welcome to TLScontact

The Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia authorizes TLScontact to inform and advise the public on the visa applications procedures, to receive the visa applications, collect the fees and return the passports to the applicants at the end of the process.

The applications received by TLScontact are transferred to the Embassy of Switzerland, which has the exclusive responsibility to instruct the applications and to decide to grant or deny a visa, or request additional information. TLScontact is therefore not involved in the decision step of the visa application, and is not aware of its outcome as passports are returned by the Embassy of Switzerland in sealed envelopes.

By agreement with the Embassy of Switzerland in Jakarta, applicants for the visas listed below should apply at the TLScontact center:

  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Visitor Visa
  • Medical treatment visa

Apply directly at the Embassy of Switzerland in Jakarta

1. Applicants must set Embassy appointments through TLScontact after online registration

  • Working visa (90 days to 120 days)
  • Working visa (More than 120 days)
  • Student visa (More than 90 days)
  • Family reunion (More than 90 days)

2. Applicants who do not need to make an appointment through TLScontact are:

  • Spouses of registered Swiss citizens
  • Holders of diplomatic and service passports

N.B. The TLScontact procedure is not compulsory, applicants can also apply directly at the Embassy of Switzerland in Jakarta in person with prior appointment made through our call center: 021-29852788. However the procedure might be much longer.

Visa applications from non-residents, including nationals of Indonesia, who are settled in another country can only be processed if applicants can prove that they have an urgent and unforeseen need to travel to Switzerland whilst visiting Indonesia, and thus are unable to apply in their country of residence.