Change of outsourcing partner

In 2017, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA published a worldwide tendering procedure because the current contracts with its outsourcing partners will expire in mid-July 2018. The evaluation of the bids received has resulted in a change of outsourcing partners for all Swiss representations in Asia.

As from July 16, 2018, the Swiss embassy in Jakarta will cooperate with the company VFS Global. Further information and addresses of visa acceptance centres can be found at

Therefore starting 12th July onwards, TLScontact in Indonesia will no longer receive visa applications on the behalf of the Swiss embassy. Friday 13th July will be the last day TLScontact hand in passports back to applicants.

This representation together with the companies TLScontact and VFS Global will make every effort to ensure the smooth implementation of the changes.

Visa Application Fees

For visa applicants willing to apply after the 11th July 2018, please read this important notice

Visa and service fees

To submit your visa application, you will have to pay a visa fee and a service fee. The visa fee is collected on behalf of the Embassy of Switzerland in Jakarta and the service fee is collected for the processing of your visa application at the TLScontact center.

Visa Application Fees Euro IDR*
Adults short-stay visa (from 12th Birthday onwards) 60.00 990000.00
Adults long-stay visa (from 12th Birthday onwards) 60.00 990000.00
Children short-stay between the age of 6 and completed 12 years 35.00 580000.00
Children long-stay between the age of 6 and completed 12 years 35.00 580000.00
Children under six years old (0-5 years) 0.00 0.00

* The visa fee, which is only collectible in IDR, may change as a result of currency fluctuation.

Visa fee of 35 Euros applies to:

  • Children between the age of 6 and under 12 years old

There is no visa fee for:

  • Children under the age of 6
  • Spouses of EU/EFTA citizens
  • Holders of an Indonesian diplomatic or service passport
  • Organizations with which Switzerland has concluded an agreement on privileges, immunities and facilities

The visa application fee is fixed in Euros but payable only in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The exchange rate between these currencies is decided by the Embassy and is updated periodically, therefore the IDR amount you are requested to pay may differ from those quoted above.

The service fee, mandatory for all visa applications handled by TLScontact is 295 000 IDR. This amount has been decided in agreement with the Embassy of Switzerland in Jakarta and corresponds to the different services provided by the TLScontact center (i.e. visa application reception, data processing, information collection, appointment booking, etc.).

Attention: The payments of the visa fee and service fee do not give any guarantee or right that a visa will be granted. The visa fee and service fee are both non-refundable and non-transferable if the visa application is denied by Consular staff, or if the applicant decides to terminate his or her application.