Documents and Visa Types

Please select the purpose of your trip to Switzerland using one of the following categories of visa.

Short stay (Less than 90 days)

1. Professional purpose (Business)

You wish to go to Switzerland for a business trip, professional training or other professional purpose.

For people invited for business reasons by a company based in Switzerland.

2. Official Visit Visa

For people who are invited to congresses, seminars, workshops and meetings organized by an International Organization (like UNO and their sub-organizations).

3. Accredited Company

You are the employee or the business partners of Swiss/Russian company accredited at the Swiss Business Hub. And wish to go to Switzerland for business.

4. Tourism

For people travelling with the purpose of tourism, staying at a hotel or in a rented flat. Also for owners of real estate in Switzerland.

5. Visit

For people who wish to visit relatives or friends, staying in their homes.

6. Participation in cultural and sporting events

  • Cultural Visa
    For artists and other people who are participating actively in cultural events in Switzerland (not for spectators at cultural events!).
  • Sport Visa
    For people (athletes, coaches, trainers, support staff, etc.) participating actively in sport events or trainings in Switzerland (not for spectators at such events or tourists on a skiing holiday!).

7. Medical treatment

For people undergoing medical treatment or getting medical advice.

8. Study

For people who intend to study in Switzerland.

9. Transit

Your final destination is outside of the Schengen Area and you wish to transit through Switzerland or stay in a Swiss airport in order to reach your final destination.

  • Transit Visa
    For people transiting through Switzerland/the Schengen zone or having a flight within the Schengen zone on their way to a final destination outside the Schengen area (e.g. Moscow - Zurich - Madrid - Rio de Janeiro).
  • Airport transit visa
    Only required for certain nationalities who need visa for staying in the international transit zone of an airport, not applicable for Russian citizens.

10. Authorized visa - passport submission via TLScontact

If you receive an authorization for your visa from the Immigration authorities in Switzerland or from the Visa Section in Moscow as well as a confirmation e-mail from the Visa Section authorized person, which confirms you the possibility to use TLScontact services, you may submit your passport at TLScontact Visa Acceptance Center.

Long stay (More than 90 days)

If you plan to stay longer than 90 days in Switzerland, you have to apply for a national (Type D) visa. TLScontact does not process these types of visa applications, these should be submitted directly to the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow.

Please choose Moscow to register and book an appointment at the Embassy for a national (Type D) visa according to the visa types in this category.

1. Residence Visa / Family Reunion Visa

For people wishing to take up residence in Switzerland (without employment) or to settle in Switzerland together with an employed family member (spouses and minor children).

2. Study

You wish to go to Switzerland for study purposes and will stay more than 90 days.

3. Issuance of authorized visas C/D

You have got the written authorization “Ermächtigung zur Visumserteilung“ issued by the Cantonal Migration Office or the Federal Office of Migration in Switzerland and would like to have an appointment with Embassy for the visa issuance.