Welcome to the Swiss Visa Acceptance Centre in Moscow

The Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow authorizes TLScontact to inform and advise the public on the visa applications procedures, to receive the visa applications, collect the fees and return the passports to the applicants at the end of the process.

This outsourcing ensures a better reception to the public, in a dedicated center and in a timely manner. It also results in a faster processing of the applications by the Visa Section.

The applications received by TLScontact are transferred to the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow, which has the exclusive responsibility to instruct the applications and to decide to grant or deny a visa, or request additional information. TLScontact is therefore not involved in the decision step of the visa application, and is not aware of its outcome as passports are returned by the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow in sealed envelopes.

TLScontact is pleased to offer several Added Value Services in the Visa Application Center. For more details please click here.


We have recently been informed of a scam directed at TLScontact customers. Individuals, claiming to be TLScontact employees, contact applicants and/or inviting persons in Switzerland and offer to provide a visa and/or a service related to visa matters in exchange for a money transfer. Caller ID indicates our contact centre phone number. Such kind of phones are not made by TLScontact! TLScontact has no role in the visa decision making process and takes payments only for visa application fees, service fees and fees for optional value added services, that are officially published on our website. The Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow has the exclusive responsibility for the visa decision making process. 

If you receive unusual phone calls and/or requests asking for money transfers from individuals claiming to be TLScontact employees you may:

- refuse any kind of money transfer

- report the incident via email (moscow.visa@eda.admin.ch) to the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow

Thank you.