Submission of applications at the TLScontact centre

Step 1: Register on TLScontact website

In order to begin your visa application procedure, please first Register on the TLScontact Russia website. All you need is an email address and a few minutes to create a TLScontact account.

Comment s’enregistrer sur le site de TLScontact?


Step 2: Start your application online and prepare the required documents according to the customized list

After registration, you will start your application online and then receive a personalized list of required documents according to your situation. Please ensure you organize all of your documents in the manner indicated on your list.


Step 3: Make an appointment online and print your notification

Select a convenient time for you to come to the TLScontact center to submit your organized documents. Don’t forget to print out your notification. It states all necessary visa-related information for your circumstances. You will also need to show your notification in our center.
Be aware that if you don’t attend your appointment, all your personal information will be deleted later that day. To make a new appointment, you will have to re-register.


Step 4: Come to the TLScontact centre

Please note that your visa applications should be submitted in person to our Visa Application Center unless you are under an exemption case.

Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment with the appointment notification receipt and the application’s required documents.

Important Notice:
Please beware that if you are late to your appointment, we might not be able to receive you on the day and would require you to take a new appointment.

In the case you did not show up on your appointment, please also note that you would be required to re-register a new account on our website to book a new appointment.

Personal appearance exemption conditions:

  • Children under 12 years of age. Finger scans are not required
  • Persons, where it is physically not possible to have fingerprints taken;
  • Applicant has previous Schengen visa delivered within 59 months and with the remarks ”VIS” is mentioned.
  • Visa sample


Step 5: Submit your application

After you have checked in at the welcome desk, you will be directed to a counter where a TLScontact agent will verify the presence and compliance of all of your required documentation. You may be asked a series of questions as requested by the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow. Your application will be sent to the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow with your approval.

Please note, if your application material is incomplete, you can still submit your file. However, you will not be given the opportunity to submit extra documents at a later stage during the visa application process other than your photo and copies of originals in your possession (with a higher risk of rejection).

If you do not want to submit your incomplete application, you have the opportunity to log in your personal account within 3 days and make a new appointment for a later date.

Please note that in some cases the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow may ask you for the submission of additional documents or for a personal interview.


Step 6: Pay visa and service fees

Both the visa and service fees are to be paid in Ruble at the cashiers in our center.


Step 7: Undertake the biometric enrollment

Go to our Biometric booth for the enrollment of your fingerprints and the photo.

The following persons are exempted from providing fingerprints:

  • Children below age 12;
  • Persons, where it is physically not possible to have fingerprints taken.


Step 8: Track your application

You can track your application at any time by visiting your personal account on our website.


Step 9: Pick up your passport

When your passport is ready to be collected, you will see its status in on your personal page on our website. Moreover, you will receive an SMS and an e-mail notifying you that your passport is ready for pick up at the TLScontact center. Please arrive with your visa application checklist, the original and a copy of your identity card ready.

If you would like to have your passport sent back to you by post, you can apply for courier service during the application process in our visa application center. To learn the indicative prices of this service please click here.

If you wish to designate a representative to come in your stead, please make sure that they bring the following documents.

  • Your ID copy
  • Your checklist
  • A letter of authorization from you (written in a free form and signed by you)
  • Your representative’s original ID and a copy
  • Proof of Relationship (close relatives do not provide authorization letter)

Please note: The passport can be picked only at the visa application center where you initially lodged your visa applications.