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Cookies Policy

Please read the information below carefully to learn more about TLScontact's cookie management policy.

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Cookies Policy


TLScontact and its worldwide companies (hereinafter “TLScontact”, “we”, “us”, “our”) is committed to protecting the privacy of the customers who visit TLScontact websites (hereinafter “Customers”, “you”, “your”). The purpose of this cookies policy (hereinafter the “Cookies Policy”) is to explain how and why we use cookies to ensure you remain informed and in control of your information.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file downloaded on to and/or read by a device (for instance a computer or smartphone) when a user accesses a website. Cookies typically enable websites to work, or work more efficiently. They can also be used to recognize a user’s device.

When you arrive on our website a pop-up message will appear notifying you that our website uses cookies. By using our website, you are consenting to our use of cookies. If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, you can do so by altering your browser settings (see section 4 below) otherwise we will assume that you are happy to receive cookies from our website.


Why does TLScontact use cookies?

The information collected by cookies on our websites is used for various purposes, including the following:

Strictly Necessary: These technical cookies are essential for the operation of our website and for enabling you to use its features, for example logging into secure areas.

Analytics and Performance: these cookies are used to analyze the frequency of visits to our websites and what visitors do on our websites. This helps us to improve the way our websites work, for example, by ensuring that you can find what you are looking for easily, or that our websites remain up and running.

Further information on the specific cookies used on TLScontact websites can be found under the ‘Which cookies does TLScontact use?’ and ‘Which cookies do third Parties set on our websites’ sections of this policy.


Which cookies does TLScontact use?

TLScontact use the following cookies on the websites.

Strictly Necessary Cookies
Name Purpose Description Storage Period
TLScontact Website – Store session ID for webserver The value is the ID of the user session End of browser session
Uid Static content of the Website Uniquely assigned, machine-generated user ID 1 year

Which cookies do third parties set on our websites?

TLScontact allows some third parties to set and access their own cookies on your device.

Third parties place the following cookie on TLScontact websites.

Analytics and Performance Cookies
Name Purpose Description Storage Period
_gid Google Analytics Used to distinguish users 24 hours
_ga Google Analytics Used to distinguish users 2 years
_gat Google Analytics/span> Used to throttle request rate. 1 minute

For example, Google Analytics is used to identify your visit to the site. Google Analytics help TLScontact to understand how visitors engage with their sites or apps. When Google Analytics is used, the web browser automatically sends certain information to Google. For further information, please visit the link here.

Temporary files installed by Yandex.Metrica
Name Period of validity Description Domain where it is set
_ym_metrika_enabled 60 minutes Checks whether other Yandex.Metrica cookies are installed correctly The domain where the tag is installed
_ym_isad 2 days Determines whether a user has ad blockers
_ym_uid 1 year Used for identifying site users
_ym_d Saves the date of the user's first site session
yabs-sid Until the session ends Session ID All Yandex.Metrica domains
_ym_debug Indicates that debug mode is active
_ym_mp2_substs Used for Target Call
_ym_visorc_* 30 minutes Allows Session Replay to function correctly
_ym_hostIndex 1 day Limits the number of requests
_ym_mp2_track 30 days Used for Target Call
i 1 year Used for identifying site users
yandexuid 1 year (in some countries, the period may be longer)
ymex 1 year Stores auxiliary information for Yandex.Metrica performance: ID creation time and their alternative values.
usst Stores auxiliary information for syncing site user IDs between different Yandex domains

Yandex.Metrica provides TLScontact with depersonalized information on website's traffic. Yandex.Metrica gathers available statistics including the number of users, traffic sources, and user behavior on website pages. In order to count the website users, Yandex.Metrica uses anonymous browser identifiers that are stored in cookies or in localStorage properties. For further information, please visit website.

To learn more about third party cookies, please refer to third party websites.


How can you manage your cookie settings?

By continuing browsing the websites, you agree to provide consent to the use of cookies. You can decline the use of cookies on our Website directly or you can withdraw consent at any time by changing the using browser settings, or cookie settings. For third party cookies, please refer to further information on ‘Which cookies do third parties set via our websites?’ section above.

In case you decide to turn off cookies we have these helpful links below for you. Please choose your browser and click on the respective link. You will be transferred to the browsers help page for instructions concerning your cookie settings.


Changes to this Cookies Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Cookies Policy from time to time to ensure it remains up-to-date and accurately reflects how and why we use cookies. The current version of our Cookies Policy will always be posted on our website and we will inform you by any appropriate mean in case of material changes in this Policy.