Required documents for a Studies in Switzerland Long stay (more than 3 months)visa application for Switzerland

You are going to Switzerland for study purposes and will stay longer than 3 months.

According to your situation, you should apply directly at the Embassy of Switzerland in Thailand (Applicants must set Embassy appointments through our call center: +66 (0) 2696 3899)

List of the required documents

Documents in Thai language must be translated into English or in one of the Swiss national languages by one of the accredited translation offices.


Visa Student Long Stay



General Applications Documents

Visa application form, original

Duly filled out, dated and signed by the applicant. Filling out the visa application form is possible on the Forms page.
Three copies

 The visa application form and Complementary page must be signed by both parents in case of the minor child.

Four passport-sized pictures 3.5 cm x 4 cm

  1. Color photo on a white background
  2. Format 3.5 cm x 4 cm
  3. Taken from the front; without obstruction
  4. Recent (less than 6 months old)
  5. Ears and eyebrows must appear on the picture

The photo must be a close-up of your head and the top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70-80% of the photograph.

Passport, original

Passport expiration date must be 15 months after the day you plan to leave Thailand and must contain at least two blank pages to affix visa.

Passport, copy

One photocopy of the passport (personal data page and official entries)

Three copies

Written attestation from the school/university that will be attended Three copies
Attestation about the payment of the school fees Three copies

Diploma of already completed studies, original

Diploma of already completed studies, copy

Three copies
CV (Curriculum Vitae) Three copies
Written commitment to leave Switzerland after the requested stay Three copies
Letter of motivation Three copies

Employment and financial proof

Work certificate

for students: Academic certificate such as an enrolment confirmation of the school or university. Three copies


Business license, organization code or institution legal person certificate (or other similar function certificate)


stating the applicant’s name and objectives of the company. Three copies


Proof of financial, original


Proof of financial, copy

For the duration of the proposed stay in Switzerland
• Bank statement of applicant
• Bank statement of her/his parents together with a letter of sponsorship and/or letter of guarantee by sponsors in Switzerland etc.

Three copies

Document related to minor child

Birth certificate, original

Birth certificate, copy

Three copies

Proof of any change of name or surname of the applicant and their parents, original


Proof of any change of name or surname of the applicant and their parents, copy

If required

Three copies

Parental consent for the child to travel abroad, original

  • An official parental consent for the planned travel to abroad must be submitted, in the case that one of the parents or both of them are not going to travel together with the minor children. This document must be issued by Amphoe
  • Or the Declaration of Consent letter signed by the parent/s who is/are not traveling with the minor (sign at TLScontact Visas Center in person)
  • Three copies


Administrative Child custody decisions issued by Amphoe, copy

(compulsory in case of)

·  Parents are divorced

·  Parent were not married at the time that the child was born (or Death Certificate in case that one parent has passed away)

Three copies

Signed authorization letter from the parent/s in case that one or both of the parents is/are not coming during the submission of the visa application.

Three copies

Foreign National residing in Thailand

Work permit and/or resident permit & valid exit/re-entry permit in the passport, original

Three copies

Work permit and/or resident permit & valid exit/re-entry permit in the passport, copy

Three copies