Required documents for a Visitor visa application for Switzerland

You are going to Switzerland for a visit(guarantor living in Switzerland). You need to apply for a visitor visa.

According to your situation, you should apply at the TLScontact center.

List of the required documents

Documents in Thai language must be translated into English or in one of the Swiss national languages by one of the accredited translation offices.


Important Notice


Declaration of sponsorship

The Regional Consular Center in Bangkok may require the submission of a declaration of sponsorship during the verification of a visa application if the applicant does not have sufficient financial means to support himself in Switzerland, or, if the Regional Consular Center in Bangkok has reason to doubt sufficient financial funds exist.

The declaration of sponsorship will be provided by the Regional Consular Center’s own motion. It is not available online. Guarantor can be a natural person residing in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, major holders of a valid residence permit for Switzerland (B or C) and legal persons registered in the commercial register.

If the Regional Consular Center in Bangkok requires a declaration of sponsorship, the applicant must complete the relevant form handed out by the visa section and submit it to the guarantor in Switzerland (e.g. by e-mail or fax). The guarantor completes and signs the declaration and sends it, depending on the canton, to the local communal authority or to the cantonal migration authority. Specific information regarding the procedure for the different cantons can be found on the information leaflet.

The competent authority verifies the declaration of sponsorship and informs the cantonal migration authority of the results of its verification in form of a statement which will be submitted directly to the Regional Consular Center in Bangkok electronically.

Upon receipt of the statement, the applicant or a third person can submit the passport together with a new flight reservation and a travel and health insurance according to the new travel date (if applicable) directly at the Regional Consular Center in Bangkok during the opening hours without prior appointment. The passport can be picked up the following working day.



Visitor visa - guarantor living in Switzerland



General Applications Documents

Visa application form, original

Duly filled out, dated and signed by the applicant. Filling out the visa application form is possible on the Forms page. The visa application form  must be signed by both parents in case of the minor child.

It is mandatory that the mentioned data information on the Schengen visa application form such as addresses, phone numbers etc. has to be identical with the personal data of the applicant. If this requirement is not fulfilled the visa application will be refused

Two passport-sized pictures 3.5 cm x 4 cm

  1. Color photo on a white background
  2. Format 3.5 cm x 4 cm
  3. Taken from the front; without obstruction
  4. Recent (less than 6 months old)
  5. Ears and eyebrows must appear on the picture

The photo must be a close-up of your head and the top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70-80% of the photograph.

Passport, original

Valid at least three months after the end of the planned stay in Switzerland or another Schengen Member State

Passport, copy

One photocopy of the passport (personal data page and official entries)

Change Name Certificate

Certificate of any change of name or surname of the applicant with translation

Travel and Health Insurance


• The insurance company must have a seat or branch in a Schengen member state
• Covering the costs of a rescue operation, the return journey for medical reason, medical assistance in an emergency or emergency hospital care in the event of an accident or sudden illness
• Valid in all Schengen Member States, minimum amount EUR 30,000 / THB 1,500,000
• A list of approved Insurance companies in Thailand (see list of approved insurance companies)
Remark: Please make sure that the premium can be refunded, if the visa is not granted

CONFIRMED reservation of the round-trip flight ticket

Remark: Please do not buy the ticket before the visa is issued. The Embassy would not take any responsibility for any costs concerning the changing or invalidity of the ticket.

A signed invitation letter Invitation letter from the guarantor as a confirmation that the guarantor in Switzerland awaits the visit. If the guarantor is not the host, please provide the reason. (Download)


If the applicant and the host are relatives, the relationship must be proved through official documents

(Such as Marriage certificate, Birth Certificate, house registration book/Tabienban, etc) in original with photocopy.

In Case of Non-official relationships the Bio Data page of the passport (Copy), the travel history of the sponsor and proof of correspondence (Boyfriend/Girlfriend) must be proven.

Employment and financial proof


Work Certificate: Indicating the number of vacation days granted, the position in the company and the monthly salary.


Academic certificate such as an enrolment confirmation of the school or university.

Self Employed:

Business license, organization code or institution legal person certificate (or other similar function certificate) stating the applicant’s name and objectives of the company

To be provided by all applicants:  

Last three months of bank statement

If the applicant is not in the position to provide proof of financial means a declaration of sponsorship will be handed out.

Document related to minor child

Birth certificate, original

Birth certificate, copy


Parental consent for the child to travel abroad, original

  • An official parental consent for the planned travel to abroad must be submitted, in the case that one of the parents or both of them are not going to travel together with the minor children. This document must be issued by Amphoe
  • Or the Declaration of Consent letter signed by the parent/s who is/are not traveling with the minor (sign at TLScontact Visas Center in person)


Administrative Child custody decisions issued by Amphoe, copy

(compulsory in case of)

·  Parents are divorced

·  Parent were not married at the time that the child was born (or Death Certificate in case that one parent has passed away)

Signed authorization letter from the parent/s in case that one or both of the parents is/are not coming during the submission of the visa application.


Foreign National residing in Thailand

Work permit and/or resident permit & valid exit/re-entry permit in the passport, original


Work permit and/or resident permit & valid exit/re-entry permit in the passport, copy