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General Information


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Closure of our centre


Due to emergency situation the Visa Application Centre in Kyiv will be closed until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

New address


Please note that the Centre in Kyiv is moving and will be working at the different address since the 1st of March.

The Visa Centre will be closed on the 28th of February 2022 for application submission, passport collection and all other reasons for visit.

New address is: Kyiv, Vatslava Gavela boulevard, 6, business centre ‘Sigma’ effective from the 1st of March only.

Information regarding entry into Switzerland


Please check the actual travel restrictions to Switzerland applicable to your situation with the travel check tool.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions the entry to Switzerland is currently not possible for third country nationals from high-risk countries without the right of free movement.

Even if you are arriving from a high-risk county you can still enter Switzerland fi you meet the following requirement:

Fully vaccinated against COVID-19
Entry will be granted for any travel reason if full vaccination can be proven at the moment of entry to Switzerland.

This embassy is not competent to approve local vaccination documents. Vaccination documents will be checked when boarding the airplane and by the border guards only. Please refer to the SEM or FOPH for further information.

Vaccination has neither to be proven at the moment of visa application, however entry with such visa will only be granted by the border guards with valid vaccination proof.

Cases of special necessity
In cases of special necessity, it is possible to enter Switzerland despite the entry ban. A list of such cases is available on the SEM website. If such case can be proven, entry is possible without valid vaccination proof. In this case kindly submit with your visa application full proof of such hardship case.

Third country nationals without visa requirement have to proof such case of special necessity to the border guards at the moment of entry. It is strongly recommended to take direct flights with airlines aware of current regulations and to be informed about the requirements of the airline before the time of boarding.

Due to these exceptions, this embassy accepts again short-term visa applications for any travel reason for persons with visa requirements.

Applications for long-term stays in Switzerland continue to be processed by this embassy as usual.

Travel recommendations
Please note for your travel, that all other sanitary regulations, as stated on the FOPH website will apply. Kindly check beforehand if you need to have a valid COVID-19 test or report your contact data.

COVID Certificate
Entry to Switzerland is possible with any valid proof of vaccination, as stated above. However, entry to places with a COVID certificate requirement (e.g. restaurants) in Switzerland is only possible with an EU compatible or Swiss COVID Certificate. A list of countries emitting such certificates can be found here. If you do not have such certificate, you might be entitled to request a Swiss COVID certificate. Please read carefully the available information about the requirements and the process to obtain a Swiss COVID certificate.


Following the discovery of new cases of Coronavirus in Europe, we are taking all the necessary measures to ensure maximum safety of our visa customers and our staff. Our Centres remain open, but we ask you to respect any guidance provided on-site during your visa appointment. Please also refer to the advice provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on how to limit your exposure to the virus. Visit WHO website for more information.