Application process

Application at the TLScontact Hanoi Visa Application Center 


Step 1 ~ Register on TLScontact website

In order to begin your visa application procedure, please first register on the TLScontact Vietnam website. All you need is an email address and a few seconds to create a TLScontact account.

Step 2 ~ Prepare all required documents according to your customized list

After registration and completion of our questionnaire, you will receive a personalized set of required documents. Organize your documents in the manner indicated on your list.


Step 3 ~ Make an appointment online and print your notification

Select a convenient time for you to come to the TLScontact center to submit your documents.

You can choose to apply at TLScontact Hanoi or TLScontact Ho Chi Minh City regardless of your residence location in Vietnam. Please make sure you book an appointment where you want to apply. If case of mistake or if you wish to modify your appointment, you can contact the call center at + 84 (024) 39392662.

Please do not forget to print your appointment notification as it contains all necessary information about your application. You have to show your notification at the entrance.

Be aware that if you do not come to your appointment, your personal information will be deleted on the same day. To make a new appointment, you will have to complete again the registration process and fill in all the necessary information in our system.


Step 4 ~ Come to the TLScontact center

Please come to the TLScontact visa acceptance center with your appointment notification, your visa application supporting documents and your passport. Please arrive on time. We kindly inform you that the acceptation of visa applications of persons arriving late at their appointments is subject to the remaining capacity of the staff and may be refused.


Step 5 ~ Submit your application

One of our experienced agents will receive your documents, check that you have a full set of supporting documents according to the visa type required and ask you a series of questions, as requested by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Ho Chi Minh City. You can then confirm with our agents your desire to send your entire visa application file to the Consulate General of Switzerland in Ho Chi Minh City, to complete your file at a later stage, or to withdraw your visa application and get all your documents back.

Applicants who submit their visa application at TLScontact Hanoi will have their application file sent to the Consulate General of Switzerland in Ho Chi Minh City for instruction.


Step 6 ~ Pay the visa fee and service fee

Both visa and service fees are to be paid at the cashiers at the TLScontact center.


Step 7 ~ Track your application

You can track your application at any time by visiting your personal account on our website.


Step 8 ~ Pick up your passport

When your passport is ready to be collected, you will receive an SMS informing that your passport is ready for pick up at the TLScontact center or has been sent to you by courier.

If you collect your passport in person, you have to bring your visa application checklist, the original and a copy of your identity card to pick up your passport.

If you would like to have your passport sent back to you by post, you can apply for a courier service during the application process in our center.

If you would like a representative to pick up your passport on your behalf, please make sure that they bring the following documents: